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Student Application for Extension

Students requiring an extension in time, to complete their studies, are required to complete the Student Application for Extension form. 


Students that can complete this form are non Trainees and Apprentices.  Trainees and Apprentices are required to contact their Professional Learning Consultant directly to apply for an extension to their training contract.


 Student Application for Extension form


Process for applying for extension

·         Download the Student Application for Extension form.

·         Read all of the information provided on the form.

·         Assess how long you will need an extension in order to complete your studies.  Each application for an extension cannot exceed 6 months.  You may need to consult your Professional Learning Consultant for an appropriate time for your extension application.

·         Complete all fields on the Student Application for Extension Form, attaching supporting evidence.

·         Submit the completed application form (with attached required evidence) to goodstart@goodstart.edu.au

·         Your application will be assessed and an outcome communicated to you within 14 working days from the receipt of a complete application.


We recommend that you apply for an extension at least 6 weeks before the official end date of your studies.


Please note: An application for extension does not automatically guarantee acceptance.  Each application will be assessed individually with the outcome of each application communicated directly with the student via email. Each student is eligible to apply for a maximum of 6 months per application and is limited to submitting two extension applications per qualification.


Rejection/Refusal of Application for Extension

Should a student have an application for extension rejected or refused, the reason why this has occurred will be communicated to the student via email. After an Application for Extension has been refused (declined) the student will be withdrawn frome the course.  If the student has had an application for extension refused and they are studying under the ‘Employer Funded Study Assistance’ program, fees for their course will become payable under the ‘Employer Funded Study Assistance’ Terms and Conditions. 
Should a student require further information they are able to contact Student Services to seek further clarification.
Appealing a refusal of extension (declined extension)
Should a student not be granted an extension and the student believes they have provided a valid reason (and supporting evidence) for extension and an achievable action plan to complete their course, the student is able to appeal this decision. The student will be required to submit their appeal in writing (with sufficient evidence to support the case of their extension) to goodstart@goodstart.edu.au with the subject of the email to read ‘Attn: extension appeals’.
A review of the application for extension will occur in conjunction with the evidence provided by the student in the appeal email. Consultation may take place between the student, Professional Learning Consultant, and Student Services and the outcome will be communicated to all parties.


If you have any questions in regards to the Student Application for Extension process, please contact Student Services on 1800 617 455 or via email to goodstart@goodstart.edu.au.