About Goodstart Early Learning

Goodstart Early Learning is Australia's largest long day care provider, with over 640 centres across the country. Our 13,000 employees care for and education more than 73,000 children from 61,000 families every year. Goodstart is a not-for-profit organisation, with a vision for Australia's children to have the best possible start in life. 


If your question isn’t answered below, please contact Student Services.

Can I complete my course entirely online or will I need to attend training sessions?
Goodstart Institute of Early Learning delivers it's program via a multi-model delivery.  This means that learning will take place in a number of ways, mostly online and within your workplace.  All students MUST participate in a Student Induction session prior to commencing their course.  Other support and training opportunities are offered to students but do not require mandatory participation.
How much do the courses cost?
Permanent (part-time and full-time) Goodstart Early Learning employees will study courses with Goodstart Institute of Early Learning at no cost or obligation.
Am I eligible for Employer Funded Study Assistance?
The Employer Funded Study Assistance scheme is only available to permanent (full-time or part-time) Goodstart Early Learning Employees.  On enrolment you will be required to provide your current Goodstart employment details (Employee ID, Centre, Job Title, etc) to ensure you are eligible to receive Employer Funded Study Assistance.
How do I apply for a course?
Only Permanent Goodstart Early Learning employees are eligible to study with Goodstart Institute of Early Learning.

Prospective students must contact Student Services either by phone (1800 617 455) or email (goodstart@goodstart.edu.au) in order to receive an application email and link to start the application process.  Please refer to the 'How to Apply' page for more information.

Goodstart Institute of Early Learning will only approve enrolment for students who have the unrestricted right to undertake study in Australia and have completed and provided the required information and documentation during the enrolment process.
Can I apply for Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
Credit Transfer (CT) is the recognition by a registered training organisation (Goodstart Institute of Early Learning) of the qualifications, certificates and/or statements of attainment issued by other registered training organisations, universities and TAFEs.  While Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) recognises the knowledge and skills you have gained through previous informal training, and past work and life experience.

During the enrolment application students will be asked if they would like to apply for Credit Transfer or RPL.

To receive Credit Transfer students must complete this section and detail their relvent qualifications and supply a copy of their Qualification or Statement of Attainment to be verified prior to receiving credit, where suitable. 

Every prospective student of Goodstart Institute of Early Learning has the right to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  However, the student needs to be aware that assessment of RPL relies heavily on evidence provided by the student and can be a lengthy process.  The student is required to collect and coordinate evidence to show they have equivalent skills to match to the qualification they are enrolling in.

Students are encouraged to review the Credit and Recognition information page on our website.
How do I apply for an Apprenticeship/Traineeship?
Firstly, the student will need to be employed within a Goodstart Early Learning service.  Goodstart Institute of Early Learning does not broker employment for students who wish to undertake a Traineeship or Apprenticeship.

The eligibility criteria for Traineeships and Apprenticeships differs greatly between each state and territory.  Students will be required to complete a Trainee Apprentice Sign Up Request Form (SURF) during the enrolment application in order to have their eligibility for a Traineeship or Apprenticeship assessed.  Contact Student Services to request a copy of the SURF document and any other relevant state/territory application information and documentation.

Students may be required to complete additional forms through the enrolment process, depending on the funding model available in the student’s state or territory.  This will be communicated to the student in writing during the application process to ensure they are suitably informed of all requirements, terms, conditions, and relevant fees.
Do I need to be employed by Goodstart Early Learning to study with Goodstart Institute of Early Learning?
YES, Goodstart Institute of Early Learning provides training to permanent (full-time and part-time) Goodstart Employees only, if you wish to further your career in early learning visit https://www.myskills.gov.au/ where you can find a provider in your area.
How long can I take to complete my studies?
Students must demonstrate they are actively progressing through their studies at a consistent pace, and all qualifications should be completed by the end date as detailed in the student’s Confirmation of Enrolment letter and training plan.  Some students may progress at a faster rate and complete prior to their scheduled completion date.

Where students require additional time they may apply for an extension as per the Extension policy and procedure.
What happens if I cancel my enrolment before the completion/end date fo my course?
Firstly, you must notify your Lead Trainer or Student Serivces if you wish to cancel your enrolment.

On cancellation you will be issued a cancellation letter along with a Statement of Attainment for any units suitablly completed.
Will I receive paid study time at work during my enrolment?
Students will not receive paid study release time in their workplace during their enrolment unless the student has been approved for a Traineeship or Apprenticeship. 

Trainees and Apprentices will receive a detailed training plan which will expressly details the study release time they are entitled to during their Traineeship or Apprenticeship enrolment.
Does Goodstart Institute of Early Learning offer Bachelor qualifications so I can become an Early Childhood Teacher?
No.  Students who wish to undertake further study in a Bachelor qualification will need to contact a higher education provider or university directly.