About Goodstart Early Learning

Goodstart Early Learning is Australia's largest long day care provider, with over 640 centres across the country. Our 13,000 employees care for and education more than 73,000 children from 61,000 families every year. Goodstart is a not-for-profit organisation, with a vision for Australia's children to have the best possible start in life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for an extension?

Firstly, ensure you have read the Extensions policy and procedure available on our Policies page.

Assessment Due Date Extensions

Use this form to appy for an extension to your assessment due date.  Submit your completed application via email to goodstart@goodstart.edu.au prior to your assessment due date.
Extension Application - Assessment Form

Course End Date Extensions

Use this form to apply for an extension to your course end date.  Submitt your completed application via email to goodstart@goodstart.edu.au prior to your coures end date.
Extension Application - Course Form
How do I submit my assessment?

All assessments must be submitted via MyPortal.  Please follow the relevant assessment submission instructions for each units/cluster/module you are currenlty engaged in - these are detailed within MyPortal.  Ensure you upload all of the documents required for the assessment task before finalising your submission.

Where can I find the learning materials?

Your learning and assessment materials are available within MyPortal.  You will only have access to the relevant materials for the units/cluster/module you are currenly engaged in.

Log in details for MyPortal would have been provided to you upon commencemnt of your course.  If you are having difficulties accessing MyPortal please contact Student Services on 1800 617 455 who will be able to assist you access MyPortal.

How do I resubmit my assessment?
If you are required to resubmit an assessment you’ll be given resubmission instructions on your feedback sheet.  Your resubmission will need to be uploaded to MyPortal as per the standard assessment submission practices. See MyPortal for more details submission instructions.